Andre 3000 Gave Ke$ha a Verse, for Some Reason


As Vulture has previously pointed out, Andre 3000 has a long, proud history of adding excellent guest verses to songs on which one would not necessarily expect to find an excellent Andre 3000 guest verse. It's weird because, what the hell is the thought process here? The guy refuses to put out the solo album that would make rap nerds hyperventilate, or even the Outkast comeback album that would make Big Boi hyperventilate, but it's not like he forgot how to rap; every time he pops up, he sounds just as crisp and effortlessly cool and generally great as ever.

Our theory: Every once in a while, 3 Stacks — locked away, wherever he is, enjoying his semi-hiatus in private, possibly while sipping expensive bourbon in nothing but boxers, football pads, and a neon-green wig — gets antsy enough to feel the need to remind everyone just how goddamn easy this is for him. But a Ke$ha song? Really?! Of course, the verse — that actually name-checks the divisive pop starlet, going so far as to imagine a full-fledged, possibly intimate in nature relationship between the two — is super dope. Hats off, sir.

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