Ten Reasons to Watch Archer Instead of 30 Rock, Objectively Submitted by Archer’s Exec Producer


Tonight at 10 p.m., comedy lovers face a conundrum: Watch 30 Rock on NBC or Archer on FX? The animated adults-only superspy parody returns for its second season, with more plot-foiling and mutual undermining by self-absorbed agent Sterling Archer (voiced by Bob's Burgers's Jon Benjamin), his inappropriate boss/mother (Jessica Walter, much better served here than on Retired at 35), his cantankerous ex (Aisha Tyler), and the nebbishy sex-addict agency comptroller Cyril (Chris Parnell). Yet it returns to the air to find itself pitted against the relocated 30 Rock, which attracts a similarly choosy (but larger) audience of humor snobs. What is a cable upstart to do? Archer executive producer Matt Thompson decided to take a bold step and has submitted to Vulture his ten reasons why you should watch his show over Tina Fey's (all done with love, of course). Check out the following slideshow and see if you're convinced.