Bloc Party Front Man Kele Okereke Writing a Book


Bloc Party front man Kele Okereke is moving to Manhattan in order to complete his next great work: A book. Last year, Okereke contributed a short story to online literary journal Five Dials after saying he was working on an "erotic memoir detailing my experiences with groupies over the last five years," which might very well be the tome he's writing now. Whatever genre it is, the book is so important to him, he's "not even thinking about" ending the Bloc Party hiatus until it's finished. Okereke is one of the few openly gay mainstream crossover rock stars, though he is generally reluctant to talk about it. But it sounds like this book, if it's the aforementioned groupie memoir, could clear up any remaining questions about his sexuality, and then some! [NME via Guardian UK]