No Strings Attached Wins the Weekend


A string of romantic comedies have underperformed at the box office lately, but award-winning, pregnant, and understandably giggly Natalie Portman has ended that streak. No Strings Attached landed first place at the box office this weekend, earning an estimated $20.3 million. In second place, Seth Rogen's Green Hornet is expected to claim a cool $18 million, bumping it to a $63 million cumulative intake. The Dilemma took third, earning an expected $9.9 million over the weekend for a pretty lousy $33.5 million cumulative earning thus far. Critically beloved The King's Speech earned an estimated $9 million in fourth place, for a $58 million cumulative earning. And True Grit continues to do well, raking in $8 million this weekend for a $138.5 million earning since its release. In sixth place, we're back to Natalie Portman: Black Swan earned $6 million, bumping its cumulative intake to $83 million.