Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay Reunite on Lopez Tonight


So at the risk of drastic understatement, here goes: Something really important happened on television the other night. Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh hung out on Lopez Tonight. Dylan and Brandon insisted on sticking with their whole decades-long "Method acting"/"staying in character" thing and appeared as "Luke Perry" and "Jason Priestley" to promote their new Hallmark channel Western Goodnight for Justice, which Brandon directs and Dylan stars in. Guys, we know you care about your craft, but this dedication to "Luke" and "Jason" is getting sort of tiresome.

The boys were in good spirits (though Dylan had some ish going on with his sloppy tie), cracking a few jokes with Lopez about their past (Brandon: "It wasn't about poking people on Facebook." Dylan: "You just had to poke 'em for real.") and old friends (Lopez: "Did you think David Silver would end up with Megan Fox?" Dylan: "Oh, I trained him well." Of course you did, McKay, of course you did). Then Lopez trotted out a video of Brandon and Dylan's first meeting (the one upside of starring on a reality show: lots of important moments are captured on film!) in order — it seems the only logical explanation — to point out just what stone-cold foxes the fellas were in their youth. (Pre-gelled, floppy-haired Brandon is, seriously, a thing of beauty.) The intensity of re-watching their first meeting caused Brandon to blurt out, "It was bordering on homoerotic," which, given that Brandon basically asked Dylan out on a date, it sure was.