Carlton Cuse Turned Down a TV Show About a ‘Hot Dolphin Trainer’


Carlton Cuse has written an essay for the New York Times about his post-Lost experience. It begins with an anecdote about Cuse being yelled at on a Swiss mountaintop for not explaining the polar bears, catalogues his withdrawal from the series, and ends with some words about his new, previously announced TV project for ABC, Point of Honor, "which in its simplest form is about the journey of a Confederate family in Virginia through the turmoil of the Civil War." Before deciding to make Point of Honor, Cuse was in talks about a number of other projects — everything from an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome to a show about "a guy and a ghost detective team." Alas, one of the shows Cuse decided not to make was "about a hot dolphin trainer and her dolphins who work at an aquarium by day but perform secret missions for the government by night. (I know what you’re thinking: No, I don’t know how they get the dolphins back to the aquarium every morning by dawn.)" We hope someone figures this particular brain teaser out. [NYT]