Cave of Forgotten Dreams Trailer: Werner Herzog’s Journey to the Center of the Earth


Update: A publicisttells us that this is not the official Cave trailer. Sundance Selects, the label that will be distributing the film, will release the real one in February. Our apologies!

Werner Herzog's 3-D cave-painting documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams came in at No. 23 on "Vulture's List of 100 Things to Look Forward To in 2011" — and considering that elite level of anticipatory fervor, it's good we now have a trailer with which to tide ourselves over. So what do we got? Billed as an "unprecedented 3D journey to the secret place where art began," it's mostly shots of Herzog and friends, decked out in professional-seeming cave-exploring jumpsuits, helmets, and headlights, gazing in delighted wonder at a wide array of drawings of horses and stuff. That's not to say this won't be great; if there's anyone we trust to make an exceptional 3-D movie out of exploring cave-paintings, it is of course Werner Herzog. But maybe the appeal is tough to broadcast in a trailer? (We've heard from IFC that this was a preliminary clip that was accidentally leaked, and that a full-blown, polished trailer is coming soon.) Or maybe we have no appreciation for ancient history. Please, observe yourself, and then report back if you were sufficiently awed.