Charlie Sheen Allegedly Hospitalized for Laughing Too Hard [Updated]


Charlie Sheen was hospitalized yesterday for abdominal pains, but of course, that is not all. Key talking points emerging in the light of day include the "suitcase full of cocaine" that allegedly played a part in Sheen's 36-hour bender; the two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members who called 911 on Sheen's behalf; the NSFW crotch shot a porn star tweeted from Sheen's living room; and Sheen's friend's explanation for the hospitalization: "Sheen suffered a hernia injury while laughing too hard at the television from his home." Chances of this excuse being true are significantly lower than the chances someone actually got a hernia laughing at the absurdity of this excuse. (But at least the friend wasn't foolish enough to suggest Two and a Half Men was what had Sheen laughing so hard.) [Live Feed/HR]

Update: Charlie Sheen has left the hospital. He plans to be back on the set of Two and a Half Men on Tuesday.