Charlie Sheen’s Rehab Stint to Cost CBS, Warner Bros.


Given that Charlie Sheen has spent many months transmitting cries for help on an intergalactic-grade megaphone, why did Warner Bros. and CBS only get around to halting production of Two and a Half Men late last week? Money, y'all! The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner Bros,, which produces the show, could lose up to $250 million in syndication revenues if Sheen isn't back for the rest of the show's eighth and ninth seasons. (Be a little wary of this number: It seems unlikely Sheen wouldn't be back for next season, even if he can't return for the rest of this one.) CBS also stands to lose millions in ad revenue. Lesson: If you can make this much money for a company, perhaps you too can powder your face with coke in a restaurant restroom without making your employer angry. [HR]