Christian Bale Congratulates Henry Cavill, Whoever That Is


Now that The Tudors star Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman in Zack Snyder's franchise reboot, both DC and Warner Bros. have a tremendously titanic comic-book lineup next year: Batman returns in July with The Dark Knight Rises, and then Superman takes over in December. Naturally, E! Online thought to ask Caped Crusader Christian Bale about the news when he came backstage at the SAG Awards last night — after all, Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is producing Superman and might have mentioned the new development to his star, right? Not quite, reports the site: "[Bale] stares kinda blankly at a reporter for a beat or two, clearly having never, ever heard of Cavill. Finally, he summons a blurb you can be assured will not appear on a DVD box anytime soon, 'Well done for whoever you mentioned.'" [E!]