Clint Eastwood Will Direct Beyoncé in A Star Is Born


Remember when industry rumors had it a while back that Russell Crowe would star opposite Beyoncé in a remake of A Star Is Born, and you thought to yourself, "Huh. Odd pairing, but sure." Well, Warner Bros. just one-upped themselves: A Beyoncé-led remake of Star is indeed on the fast track, and now Clint Eastwood has signed on to direct. We repeat, Clint Eastwood is directing Beyoncé in a musical remake of A Star Is Born. It somehow seems weirder each time you say it! No word yet on whether Crowe would be enticed back to play the male lead, as casting is still wide open. (Nikki Finke suggests there are many potential contenders for the role, including "Beyonce's husband Jayz.") [Deadline]