Cougar Town Reminds You Once Again It Is Not About Cougars


Cougar Town, no longer a show about cougars! How many times do they have to say it? Well, at least one more time. On last night's episode — charmingly about a game of sardines in a can — Jules (Courteney Cox) got into a meta conversation with Barb, the show's vestigial cougar, about Cougar Town's transformation. (Barb, an unabashed hunter of young men, frequently popped up at the beginning of the series and has inexplicably kept popping up, even though the show is now about a bunch of goofy friends, not cougars.) Barb begins to regale Jules with a story about a "Cuban sandwich," which Jules interrupts, asking why Barb thinks she wants to hear all about her sexcapades. Barb explains, "You used to be one of us, stalking young prey without mercy or shame." Jules replies, "When are people going to understand, that’s not who I am anymore? What do I have to do, change my name?" The Cul de Sac Crew really is growing on us.