Crooked River Trailer: Sufjan Stevens Has a Brother Named ‘Marzuki’


So in 2006 a filmmaker named Kaleo La Belle took a road trip from New York to Michigan with his childhood pal, indie-rock heartthrob Sufjan Stevens, and filmed the whole thing. The purpose of the trek was for Sufjan and his brother (who is, yes, named "Marzuki") to reconnect with their father, whom they hadn't seen in years. How did the weighty encounter go? The world may never know, as the movie has remained unreleased to this very day. But a new sort-of trailer has popped up on YouTube, perhaps as part of a push to find backing for a release? (The Sufjan fanboys are freaking out in the comments section for the clip.) It's totally endearing, but just for one specific scene: Sufjan Stevens, mild-mannered hero to mild-mannered millions, straight murking a Pac Man arcade game and then talking shit while he does so. “I'll be here for a half an hour. Seriously. I never die ... he thinks we should wait until I finish, but that's gonna be forever. Jerks." etc. [Consequence of Sound]