See a Unique Polaroid Portfolio of the Decemberists by Autumn de Wilde


Rock photographer Autumn de Wilde was joking when she first offered to take a couple thousand Polaroid shots of her friends in folk-rock band the Decemberists. They called her bluff, and months later she'd amassed over 2,500 single- and double-exposed photos of five band members, taken during recording sessions for their rootsy new album The King Is Dead (out today) and around their hometown haunts in Portland, Oregon. All of the pictures were taken on Polaroid Type 100 peel-apart film provided by the Impossible Project, a group of former Polaroid employees who banded together in 2008 to rescue the beloved instant cameras from total obsolescence. (Deluxe editions of The King Is Dead come with a book of over 250 of the photographs; those who buy an even more deluxe set — of which there are just 2,500 available — also get one of the original Polaroids, along with other extras.) After the jump, Vulture premieres a trailer for the boxed set, a montage of de Wilde's pictures accompanying the band's new song, "Down by the Water." Then click through the slideshow, where de Wilde gives the background and inspiration for nine of these unique and dramatic photos.