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Latest Hollywood Reboot: About Last Night ...

Some reboots — like Spider-Man and Super-Man — are inevitable and understandable. Others, like the just-announced Lethal Weapon reboot, are questionable. But a remake of the brat-pack rom-com About Last Night ... is just pleasantly surprising. Easy A director Will Gluck (who also directed the upcoming No Strings Attached doppelgänger Friends With Benefits) is set to produce a reboot of the 1986 Ed Zwick movie, itself already based on David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago. Gluck will reportedly hire a separate writer and director for the film. For those unfamiliar, the movie follows a couple throughout their tricky, sexy relationship. And it's aged surprisingly well: Less risqué than Sexual Perversity, it's still more risqué and amusing than many present-day rom-coms. Demi Moore can basically be recast in the same part. But who can Gluck nab to look as painfully pretty as a young Rob Lowe? No one. [Variety]