Has Oprah Realized That Reality TV Without Some Drama Is Boring?


The Duchess of York was caught last May trying to sell a meeting with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, so a reality-television show seemed the logical next step. If she were on Bravo, who knows how Sarah Ferguson's life may have played out on the cameras, but on Oprah's feel-good new network OWN, we were expecting weeping and image rehabilitation rather than blow-ups and luxury. Alas, even Oprah's catching on: TV without conflict can be a snooze. Finding Sarah has been pushed back until the summer. An insider explained: "Oprah wants it to be more hard-hitting and revealing. She found it boring in parts and has ordered reshoots. The cameras have rolled as [Ferguson] endured grueling psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Phil, financial advisor Suze Orman and life coach Martha Beck. Oprah loved the drama and wants more of it." That's more like it! [Daily Mail UK]