Former American Idol Finalist Alex Lambert Is Homeless


Golden-voiced viral-video star Ted Williams recently went from homeless to Hollywood, but for American Idol finalist Alex Lambert, it's the reverse. Perhaps best remembered for his teary elimination last season during the top-sixteen round, Lambert was subsequently added to Simon Fuller's Hulu reality series If I Can Dream, but since that show wrapped its first season, he's found himself without a home. "I have been crashin behind buidings and sleepin outside but I dont want nobody to feel sorry for me!" Lambert tweeted. "I'm a grown ass man." Lambert later clarified that friends have offered him places to stay (and, surely, there must be karaoke nights in the valley that need hosting!), but that he doesn't want to be a burden on them. Our advice to him, then, is twofold: (1) Dude, stay with your friends, and (2) If you are a blond, 20-year-old, homeless twink sleeping on the streets of Hollywood, make sure not to truncate your tweet so that it ends with "I've had to hustle." [TrueAlexLambertTwitter]