What Will Happen to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Character on Glee?


As reported, Gwyneth Paltrow is officially reprising her role as Holly Holliday for at least two episodes of Glee this spring. So how will they spice up her part? Spoiler: Ryan Murphy explained: “Gwyneth is coming back specifically to date Will [Matthew Morrison]. Those two have become really good friends in real life and had really good chemistry. She’s coming back as a sex education teacher. Gwyneth and I are emailing, talking every week: What are we gonna sing? We’re trying to do something fantastic. So she’ll be [in episodes] 15 and 16. She comes back [to film] in January and she’s with us for three and a half weeks." Meanwhile, Lady Gaga this week gave Glee producers clearance for tackling her new single, “Born This Way,” which is not out yet. Officially, Glee is taking over the world. [Inside TV/EW]