Is Baz Luhrmann Reconsidering Doing The Great Gatsby?


When last we heard about his planned movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann was saying he might shoot it in 3-D. But now he may be considering in shooting it in zero-D — as in, not at all. When Vulture saw him at the DGA Awards last Saturday, we asked him how the film was coming along. “I gotta make a decision in three days' time,” he replied. A decision on what, exactly? “Whether to do it or not,” he said. Despite the fact that he owns the rights and says he has “been workshopping with Leonardo [DiCaprio] and Tobey [Maguire] and all those great guys,” it sounds like the director hasn't made up his mind about whether to tackle the project. And Luhrmann, who's directed just four films in sixteen years, isn't one to rush into a project. “I think I've been a bit shaded out because I want everything to be perfectly positioned on it,” he explained. Perhaps he's just playing coy before a big announcement. “There will be news by the end of the week,” Luhrmann promised.