How John Waters Got In the New Lonely Island Video


As I promised last Friday (EXCLUSIVE!!! SCOOPED!!!!!!! etc.), John Waters introduced the latest Lonely Island music video, “The Creep,” this weekend. And he was clearly a big influence on the entire video, what with everyone rocking his signature pencil moustache. Mike Sragow of the Baltimore Sun got in touch with the iconic director to talk about how he got involved with the Lonely Island boys:

I always get a lot of weird offers and sometimes I take them, especially if it’s a chance to cross over to a big audience and a young audience. I was in San Francisco when I got the offer. They sent the song, and I loved it, and they said they were fans. They told me who they were, and sent links to their work – I’d already seen a lot of it and liked it.I like the politics of the song. It says it’s fun to be creepy!It all happened weirdly and quickly; I think I had the flu the whole time. I did it in San Francisco and then was home in Baltimore watching it live and I was surprised and thrilled. They sent me a lovely bottle of wine from a local wine guy – not wire wine. They took some care to get it from a Baltimore wine-seller.