How Your Comedy Sausage Gets Made

The troupe riffed off one another, like the experienced improv comedians they were. It was easy to see how the show could be very, very funny. The presentation wound down, and Weidenfeld began to speak with professional caution. “I like the genre,” he said. “Science-fiction parody — we haven’t seen this yet.” However, he continued, “I think the question is … how you’re going to execute a procedural in 11 minutes — as a farce, when it’s even hard to do as an hour? There’s a reason they’re an hour. To make it work as an 11-minute, the procedural has to be a B or C story.” Forget about following a realistic plot. The episode in which the O.P.P. investigators ignore the investigation and hang out in the spa, kibitzing? “I mean, that’s every episode. That’s how it’s going to have to be.”