How Was Amy Winehouse’s First Comeback Show?


Good! As far as we can tell from YouTube footage and a few live reports, Winehouse did not disappoint the crowd Friday night at the Brazilian Summer Soul Festival in Florianopolis, playing a full set that sprinkled a few covers among Back to Black staples (but no new songs, as had been suggested. Perhaps this backup singer meant "new" as in "new to the band"?). In the footage, Winehouse — decked out in a tight-fitting, décolletage-y pink dress — appears to be focused and engaged; either she abstained from any preshow cocktails or pills on this particular evening, or she just does a much better job nowadays of hiding their effects. And unlike fellow comeback-er Lauryn Hill, Winehouse did not feel the need to dramatically reinterpert her back catalogue, to the audience's great satisfaction. See them freaking out over “Rehab” in the video above, and then marvel at another belated comeback finally on the right track.