Injured Spider-Man Actor Recalls Thinking ‘Oh God’ Before Hitting the Ground


Christopher Tierney, the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark actor and aerialist who had to be taken from the theater in an ambulance after plummeting into the orchestra pit when his safety harness failed, is giving his first interview tonight to CBS news. Wearing a very serious back brace, Tierney explains how he narrowly avoided falling on his head: "I was falling and then I saw once I hit the darkness of the stage, I had to just turn it real quick so I wasn't going to fall on my head and I crashed on my back.” Even with this dexterous head-protecting move, Tierney suffered a hairline skull fracture and cracked three vertebrae (along with other injuries). Before hitting the ground and becoming unconscious Tierney says, "The last thing I remember was like, uh, just going, 'Oh, God.'" Despite this, and also the back surgery he underwent last week, Tierney possibly needs to have his head rechecked, as he remains eager to get back to work. [NYDN]