James Franco Making a Musical With Yalies


James Franco, now corrupting Ivy league youth! IvyGate points out Franco's latest project: a student-run musical at Yale. Franco is "executive-producing" the show, naturally called James Franco Presents, alongside a student. Auditions will go down on January 16 and 17, and the show will be up April 7-9 and 14-16. Here's a synopsis: "James Franco Presents is the story of a girl dealing with the realities of love and life once she realizes she can't hide behind the wonderful fantasies of fiction. A comedic drama, this musical incorporates film and live musical theater to tell the story of a cast struggling to write and produce a musical that is grounded in high school realities but with a sci-fi twist. Sex, blood, and surrealism to be expected." Who wants to caravan to New Haven with us? [IvyGate]