James Franco May Star In a Movie With His Family


The moral of 127 Hours is that you can't do it alone, but then, James Franco already knew that — it's why he's made a Funny or Die video with his grandmother, brought his mom onto an episode of General Hospital, and produced all kinds of shorts with his actor brother Dave. In fact, Dave says he's working on a script right now that would star the entire family. "We play versions of ourselves named Davie and James," the youngest Franco tells MTV. "Without giving away too much, it all takes place around Thanksgiving and Christmas break around our hometown of Palo Alto [California]. Our real family will be in it, my real friends from home will be in it, and the vibe of it is going to be an extended version of our Funny or Die videos. It's going to be difficult for me, because it's now a 90-minute version of him giving me shit and making fun of me ... I'll give it back, trust me, but it takes its toll. It wears on you." [MTV]