J.D. Salinger Revealed to Be Burger King–Loving Cross-Country Traveler


The late J.D. Salinger is often said to have been reclusive for much of his life. But that was not totally so, say 50 previously unseen letters written by the author to old friend Donald Hartog, a Londoner he met as a teenager. The pals kept in touch all throughout their lives, and the recently disclosed letters cover a period later in Salinger's life when he was considered to be at his most elusive. But, "The letters reveal the author enjoyed listening to the Three Tenors — Jose Carreras was his favorite — and particularly liked watching tennis, with Salinger disclosing a fondness for 'Tiger' Tim Henman." Salinger also left the house often, describing trips to Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon. Most important, "Salinger told Hartog that he thought Burger King hamburgers were better than those from other chains." We just knew that, all along, Salinger was laughing about having duped fans and the media into leaving him alone, while spending his twilight watching tennis and eating fast food. Genius. [Guardian UK]