With New Single, Jennifer Lopez Hopes You Dance, Rescue Her Recording Career


It's Jennifer Lopez Is Baaaaack week here in America. On Sunday, she showed up to the Golden Globes in a sheer poncho; tomorrow she tries to restart American Idol; and today she's got a new single, the easy-listening-cum-dance-pop track "On the Floor," her first since 2009's flop "Louboutins." (They're off the same much-delayed, record-label-hopping album Love?) Perhaps in the RedOne–produced "On the Floor" Lopez is trying to create a miniature version of her dream comeback — keep them waiting and waiting, until they can't wait to hear your voice! — because she doesn't make a proper entry until almost a minute in, with Pitbull putting in a verse instead. Unfortunately, when J.Lo finally chimes in, she sounds like J.Lo — which is to say, the voice is very thin and over produced. The song is a "Waiting for Tonight" redux — though simultaneously less sweet and marginally less danceable — but we don't quite mind the pre-chorus where Lopez simply, almost plaintively sings the line "Dance the night away / Grab somebody, drink a little more," if only because it's rare to hear a Ke$ha lyric delivered like a lullaby. (Aw, "Drink a little more!") We're not sure Jennifer Lopez, adult and mother, should be pushing into the very crowded "celebrate being young and super-wasted" genre of pop, but it has become a proven strategy for getting on the singles chart, so there it is. We do applaud the track's use of "lalalalalalala," forever and always a much better chorus than bad lyrics.

Here's the fully finished version, which premiered on Ryan Seacrest this morning.