Jennifer Lopez, Fighter, Was Ready to Beat Up Ricky Gervais


Ricky Gervais insists that none of the celebrities he lambasted at the Golden Globes had hard feelings, even Tim Allen, whom he says he went drinking with after: "Thanks to the twitterverse, the blogosphere, all the journos and the coolest stars for coming to my rescue," he blogged. "It was heartwarming to realise I wasn't losing my mind. Some reactions nearly had me believing I'd gone too far too. Nearly." Still, it wasn't all rosy at the Beverly Hilton, according to presenter Jennifer Lopez. "I'm sure in his mind it was all in good fun. But in the room, being in the room it was like, eek," she told Access Hollywood. "Then, when I go backstage to present, I'm backstage with Alec [Baldwin], we're about to walk out, and Ricky shows up. I say, 'Listen! I will kill you, you understand, I am from New York, my husband fights, we both fight, we will beat you up after the show' ... with a couple of bleep bleeps in there." [Ricky Gervais, HuffPo]