Jim Carrey Is Taking Over TV This Week


Last night, Jim Carrey stopped by Fallon and did his entire interview while running on a treadmill, which seems like a fitting way for a guy who seems so full of energy to do an interview.

When Lipton started his landmark interview series on Bravo in 1994, he had become enamored of Carrey’s work on Fox’s sketch comedy show In Living Color. “His was one of the first invitations I ever sent out,” Lipton says. Initial guests included Paul Newman, Dennis Hopper, and Sally Field. “But Jim’s extremely shy. It was a marathon getting him on. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do it — he just didn’t have the courage.”

Then of course on Saturday Carrey returns to 30 Rock to host SNL again, which is usually a good thing for the show. On Sunday he presumably returns to tweeting a lot with really strange emoticons.