J.J. Abrams Always Wanted to Write Something About Edith Head


Another day, another Lost co-creator talking about women and couture. This time, J.J. Abrams has the honors, and he's set his sights on Hollywood's most famous costume designer. "I remember the day Edith Head died," he told Movieline while extolling the virtues of Rear Window. "She could always claim to make someone fat look thin, or someone tall look short. I remember being a kid in the back of my mom's car hearing she died, and I always thought, 'Oh my God, I'm such a fat kid. I need Edith Head to make me look thin.' Then she died. I remember thinking, 'I have to write a play one day called The Day Edith Head Died,' which I haven't done. But Edith Head was just the best." [Movieline]