Julia Roberts Will Shame Oscar Voters Into Voting for Javier Bardem


In case his stare is not enough, Javier Bardem has one other important arrow in his quiver when it comes to awards season: Julia Roberts. His Eat Pray Love co-star hosted a high-profile screening of the Bardem-starring Biutiful this week in Los Angeles in the hopes of nabbing him a Best Actor nomination, and she gave a fun interview to EW about it where she laid a guilt trip at the feet of an Academy member who wouldn't watch the whole movie ("I don't know how you couldn't want to know what happens. I hope that person is haunted until the end of time wanting to know what happened") and offered, "If there's not hope for talent, then we're fucked." Listen to this lady, because she somehow won Denzel Washington his Oscar, or something. [Inside Movies/EW]