Julie Klausner’s Next Book: Muses


Julie Klausner, whose dating memoir I Don’t Care About Your Band is currently being developed into a TV show for HBO by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s production company, just announced her second book. And this one is a young adult novel about an all-girls arts camp!

I want this project to not JUST be “Gossip Girl at a Jappy Summer Camp,” but also a sort of Sunday in the Park with George for teenage girls, in that I want to address how tough it is to reconcile your desire to create great work with the labors of the creative process, especially when your hormones are going bananas. The art of making art, bitches! Plus, you know, illicit dabblings with counselors, and backstabbing ballerinas, and bisexually experimental actresses — all with the smell of Turpenoid and bug spray and Chanel No. 5 hanging in the air like a turgid clothesline.