Keanu Reeves Regrets Missed Opportunity to Be Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Wet Dream’


Next time you want to perk up Keanu Reeves during a "Sad Keanu" phase, just get him talking about his love for doing dozens of takes — as The Guardian just did in a new interview — and suggest that he would have made the perfect match for the notoriously take-profligate Stanley Kubrick. "I would've been his wet dream!" Reeves enthused. "After take 400, Kubrick would've been, 'All right, cut!' and I'd be, like, 'Stanley, can I do one more?' 'Whaaat?' 'Look, I know I'm just drinking this glass of water, but I think I can find another side to this. Let's just do one more, OK?' 'Arrrgh, OK, Reeves.' You know what? I would've broken Kubrick. 'Please, sir, can I have some more?' 'Take 600. All you gotta do is walk across the road.' 'Come on, Stanley, one more!'" [Guardian UK via MCN]