Ke$ha’s Former Manager Wants to Cash In Before Her Fifteen Minutes Are Up


Ke$ha's former management company wants $14 million they say she owes them ASAP, because they're afraid she won't have it soon. The Post reports: "In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, DAS Communications characterizes the singer as a one-hit wonder. They're worried they'll wind up with nothing if a judge doesn't stop her delaying tactics." Ke$ha has already filed a counter-suit, arguing her manager acted as "an illegal talent agent." Now it's a race against time: When the paperwork's settled, will Ke$ha have taken her space-tart outfits and bombastic singles to their logical conclusion? Quick, girl: Grab another hit from Dr. Luke, before the hypnosis from "We R Who We R" wears off. Nobody wants to come to in sparkly eyeliner wearing nothing but a $14 million lawsuit. [NYP]