Kim Kardashian’s Music Debut Went Over Great, Say Totally Unbiased Anonymous Sources


As Vulture previously pointed out, Kim Kardashian's debut single "Turn It Up" was premiered at a New Year's Eve party in Vegas. The audio on the footage is a bit shoddy, so MTV got a "source" to explain what went down when the needle dropped: "Oh my god! [The response was] huge ... People wanted an encore and the DJ only played it once, but they wanted to hear it again ... It's good and it definitely sounds like her in my mind. You know it's her voice. She definitely can sing." Also, lyrics include: "Turn it up / Turn it up so I can rock the night away, away / I'mma burn it up tonight it's going down / By live via satellite / All I'm seeing angels in my eyes." And the excitement mounts! [MTV]