Lady Gaga Nerds Out ... Over Printers?


We always figured Lady Gaga for something of a vain geek. Why else go for such provocative cyberpunky get-ups and drama-infused camp? And so it seems rather perfect that Polaroid tapped her to develop a line of vanity-enabling gadgets. "They really let me put my hands in there and design this shit myself," she proudly told the crowd Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Her Grey Label collection consists of three pieces: sunglasses with an embedded digital camera; a portable wireless printer that prints out mobile-phone photos; and a Gaga-fied version of Polaroid's classic instant model. During her shill, Gaga copped to her nerd status. "I'm sure many of you here are nerdy enough to carry around a mobile printer. I know I am," she told fans. But you won't be able to get your paws on Gaga's wares anytime soon — Grey Label won't officially launch until the end of the year. [HR]