Lady Gaga Talks German to You in Latest Song


A remixed Lady Gaga song, one that will appear in non-remixed form on her forthcoming record Born This Way, played at a Thierry Mugler fashion show yesterday. Today that song has been released with a black-and-white music video/fashion ad. The video's pretty enough if you're into pearls and face paint, but it's the music that matters, and here it sounds like a by-the-numbers club track. We're sure the real song will be entirely different, so we'll content ourselves with the promising bits: When Gaga actually sings around the 1:40 mark, it sounds nice and clear after all the Night at the Roxbury beats, and the fact that she's chanting in sultry German is pretty much hilarious. Now that we think about it, a video full of semi-clad goosestepping always seemed like it was in Gaga's future.