Last Night on Late Night: Paul Giamatti Was Really Disappointed by New York’s Blizzard Sequel


Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Brooklyn resident Paul Giamatti did his best to keep the tourists at bay, going on a diatribe about the "horseshit" non-blizzard that blew through New York the other day and pointing out how quickly the city's winter wonderland turns into a slushy mess of dog pee, mud, and blood. Over at Chelsea Lately, Roseanne Barr revealed her amazingly simple cure for chronic marijuana addiction, and David Letterman told Daily Show sexpot Olivia Munn that her multi-father life reads like a textbook episode of Maury, on The Late Show. Last but not least, Ice Cube proved he could be the most hardass breakfast-cereal pitchman the world has ever seen, on Conan. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.