Last Night on Late Night: Tim McGraw Throws a ‘Mediocre’ Low Blow at Jimmy Fallon


Last night, Country Strong's Tim McGraw compared his career "mantra" of surrounding himself with talented people who pull him out of his mediocrity to Jimmy Fallon's inspired decision to hire the Roots as the Late Night band. Ouch. Over at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Snooki revealed that a not-so-shocking penis problem Vinny possesses is what eventually ruined their relationship, or whatever it was, and David Letterman noted a hilarious similarity between Ms. Polizzi and her recently released literary masterpiece, on The Late Show. Kevin Spacey did some Chelsea homework before making his first appearance on Chelsea Lately, and expectant dad Craig Ferguson showed scant enthusiasm about all the little messy bundles of joy his new little bundle of joy will be spreading around Clan Ferguson, on The Late Late Show. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.