Two More Matrix Movies Could Be Headed Our Way [Update: But They're Not]


Keanu Reeves was in London promoting Henry's Crime when he reportedly let a fanboy bombshell slip: The Wachowskis have completed work on a two picture script treatment for two more Matrix movies, in which Reeves will return to his role as Neo. The potential movies, of course, might be 3-D. The Wachowski brothers allegedly even met with James Cameron, and they're hoping "to deliver something which has never been seen." Reeves insists the gang isn't just milking the The Matrix for money: "He swears this time that the treatment will truly revolutionize the action genre like the first movie." Not a Matrix fan? He has news for you, too: He spoke briefly about the possibility of Bill and Ted 3. Laughing, he assured reporters he's "committed to the project." Sad Keanu just wants to make people happy now. [Ain't It Cool]

Update: A rep for Reeves said: “None of it is true." It's apparently a large-scale "fan hoax." Ouch. Apologies! We're going to go rent the old Matrix movies now.