Michael Chabon’s Next Book Is Partially Set in a Record Store


Pardon the tardiness, but the Daily Swarm has just directed our attention to this TheAtlantic.com blog post from Michael Chabon, where he writes, "Early on, I decided to make a used-records store on Telegraph Avenue one of the key settings of my novel in progress." Also: "One unexpected but maybe not unforeseeable result of the decision to have some characters own a shop together selling battered old things that are beautiful and valuable only to a small number of randomly assorted Geeko-Americans has been the joyful return to my life of hip-hop ...The weird incantations of MF Doom. Tupac, Biggie Smalls. Wu Tang. People Under The Stairs. Common. Late De La. And all the intricate, memory-laced work of the late J Dilla, which enriches my life now almost every day." He's name-checking Doom and Dilla? This book is going to rule. [Atlantic via Daily Swarm]