New Justin Timberlake Song Is a Fake, But There’s Good News


Vulture issues a sincere apology today for this post, which identified a newly surfaced track called "Take You Down" as a collaboration between Justin Timberlake and the Neptunes. Says a rep for JT: "Various media outlets recently reported ... a new track from Justin Timberlake. These reports are untrue. The song is the work of a Danish artist named Rasmus Thude. Justin’s representatives were not initially contacted to fact check the validity of these reports or if the song was, in fact, his. Justin has no involvement with either the song or the artist but wants to assure his fans that when he releases new music, they will be the first to know." Now here's the good news: If this Rasmus Thude can so convincingly mimic Timberlake's sound, can we just have him be our world-famous pop star instead? [Music Mix/EW]