Nicki Minaj Talks to Herself, Marries Drake in ‘Moment 4 Life’ Video


It's been a big week for Cinderella, first with Ke$ha doing a raunchy update on "Cinderelly" complete with animated turds and lyrics about wedgie picking, and now Nicki Minaj inventing a fairy godmother character in her "Moment 4 Life" video, featuring Drake. The video opens with a bit of text — "Once upon a time, there lived a king named Nicki. One day, while siting on her throne, she received an enchanting visit from her fairy godmother" — and though she had us at "king," Minaj proceeds to stage conversation between King Nicki, getting ready for a big night, and her British-accented, "darhling"-spewing fairy godmother, also played by Nicki. The two talk for a minute and a half, cracking inside jokes ("Where's Roman?") and clichés ("You may have this moment for life"), in a tone that doesn't match up with the song itself, but who cares: Has anyone ever talked to herself better than Nicki Minaj? We could watch it all day. Then the video starts, and it's Nicki and Drake making eyes at each other across a very posh party, rapping together, and then getting married, with Drake in a tux and Nicki in a big white dress and pink wig. The two sort of kiss as the clock strikes midnight, and it's all very polished and pretty. Sadly, no bonus commentary from Fairy Godmother Nicki as an epilogue.