No Strings Attached: Ashton Kutcher’s Nakedness Probably Won’t Hurt Natalie Portman’s Oscar Chances


So, the new red-band trailer for No Strings Attached does not, like the red-band trailer for Your Highness, display Natalie Portman's ass. It does, however, display Ashton Kutcher's. You win some, you lose some. The trailer consists of almost entirely new footage from the earlier, tamer one, and it looks a lot funnier for it. Well, not the part where Ashton Kutcher bangs his head against the table because his dad (Kevin Kline) is sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, but some of the other moments — like when Kutcher makes Portman a period mix (you know, in honor of her period); when Portman gets in a cab and delivers perfect drunk logic, commanding, "Take me to Adam's house!" "Where's Adam's house?" "Where Adam lives!"; plus a nod to the future of 3-D. In the movie wasteland that is January, this will do, and it probably won't even hurt Portman's Oscar chances. (She says "You look like a pumpkin, bitch!" pretty charmingly, all things considered.) Also, Mindy Kaling!