P. Diddy Getting Sued for $900 Billion Dollars


A woman probably not in the best mental health is suing P. Diddy for $900 billion dollars, because allegedly Diddy, the mother of his children, Kim Porter, and Rodney King “knocked down” the World Trade Center and “then they all came and knocked my children down." It gets more disturbing/confused/sad from there. The woman also claims Diddy is the father of her 23-year-old son and that he stole a casino chip from her once: “I won a lot of money at the casino in Mississippi and Sean P. Diddy Combs has my chip to my money. I heard he gave it to Gwen Allen to hold but she can not cash it in. I want my chip please help me. it's well worth over 100 zillions of dollars, and my hospital keys. They put me and my baby in the hospital and broke my baby 2 legs and sexual assaulted my children and crushed us." This is like when mentally ill people audition for Idol and you're supposed to laugh, except really, you shouldn't be laughing at the mentally ill. Somehow, there is a hearing scheduled for this case on Monday, January 31, because our court system is not already overloaded. [Radar]