Panda Bear and Ducktails Team Up for the Indie Jam of the Week


Is Noah Lennox (a.k.a. Animal Collective's Panda Bear) becoming the Gucci Mane of the quiet, fuzzy, indie-rock MP3 circuit? Everyone knows a Gucci guest appearance portends great things for your hopeful hip-hop banger, and if Lennox keeps up his current hot streak — kicked off a while ago with a spot on Atlas Sound's excellent “Walkabout” and continued just this morning with the alternate version of Ducktails' "Killin' the Vibe” — a Panda Bear feature might yet become the most coveted “get” in the game. How does he do it? By not pushing too hard. Witness as he blends his vocals in seamlessly with those of Ducktails' Matthew Mondanile (he's the guitarist in Real Estate? It's sort of a chillwave thing, we think? Nope? Okay, cool, no prob); honestly, we wouldn't have known Lennox was even on this track if Pitchfork hadn't made that explicitly clear. The only problem: If Gucci Mane keeps doing things like popping up on random Dom tracks, then the Gucci Mane of the quiet, fuzzy, indie-rock MP3 circuit may just have to be Gucci Mane. Either way, this should make Oliver Platt happy. [Pitchfork]