Party Lines Slideshow: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Blake Lively, and More at the National Board of Review Awards


The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield answered questions together on the red carpet at the National Board of Review Awards earlier this week, and they were delightful while doing so. Here's some solid banter just about what kind of phones they have. "I send everything by carrier pigeon," Eisenberg told us. "But it’s Verizon. Verizon carrier pigeon. And what is the deal with Verizon carrier pigeon service? Like, I take my carrier pigeon down to the subway, and it’s just gone. Off the map. [Laughs.]" "It goes and hangs out with its friends, the other pigeons," Garfield chimed in. "There are pigeons in the subway, right?" Eisenberg: "Right." For more whimsical celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.