Party Lines Slideshow: Nicolas Cage, Jill Zarin, Kelly Choi, and More at the Season of the Witch Premiere


Nicolas Cage continues to have the best life ever. At last night's Season of the Witch premiere, Vulture talked to Cage about his relationship with his horse on the set of the movie and, as could be expected, it was remarkable. "This was my first time on a horse," Cage explained, "and at first I was nervous about it. But then as I started to do it more and more I began to comfort myself with the knowledge that this is one of the oldest relationships in the history of mankind, the relationship between man and horse. And it’s natural, it’s a fit, and now I really love it." So did you bond with the horse? "Dalí was the name of the horse, as in Savlador Dalí, and it was a great horse. He really took care of me, and we had a great relationship. I’d like to see him again." For more celebrities talking about their relationship with horses, click through our Party Lines slideshow.