Party Lines Slideshow: Paul Giamatti, Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver, and More at the Barney’s Version Premiere


Earlier this week, at the party for his new movie Barney's Version, Vulture asked Paul Giamatti where he was when he heard about his Golden Globe nomination. "I was in Bangkok when I found out," Giamatti told us, "and I was alone. So it was weird, because I had no one to celebrate with." So what did you do? "Nothing, really. I went out in Bangkok and it was all right." Giamatti also pointed out he was in Bangkok to shoot The Hangover 2, but, "They swore they would assassinate me if I told anybody [about the movie]. I play kind of a bad guy. There’s a lot of bad guys, there’s always bad guys in these movies." Did you find any similarities with your character? "No, not really, but that’s why I liked playing the character. He's out of his mind, you know? I wouldn’t have the balls to do a lot of what this guy does. Call people at three o’clock in the morning and threaten them." For more celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.