Perfect Sense Trailer: Eva Green and Ewan McGregror Should Be Legally Required to Make Babies


So a thing that doesn't get explicitly talked about much, despite being the subtext of, oh, maybe 60 to 70 percent of the crasser motivations for movie-watching, is how fun it is to watch certain people make out with each other. We hadn't thought about this particular pairing's make-out potential until we saw the trailer for Perfect Sense, but Eva Green and Ewan McGregor sure do make for satisfactory kissing buddies! Green plays an epidemiologist and McGregor a chef who fall in lurve. Unfortunately, there's a problem. The trailer doesn't make too much of it, but an epidemic is breaking out, and Green's researching it, making everything a bit eerie and dangerous, including, possibly, McGregor's character. The movie premieres later this week at Sundance, and if it's purchased, it's gonna get a whole new trailer, because the voice-over on this one is really bush league ("There are men. There are women"). But McGregror and Green, nice to watch! Also, true or false: Eva Green has the most melodically halting accent of anyone currently speaking accented English? We vote true.